Well, doc say I have psychotic disorder. Wonder what my therapist will diagnosis me with... Blahhhhh
troubledflight troubledflight
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

What psychotic disorder were u diagnosed with ??

I haven't been diagnosed yet. Only info they gave me was I had a psychotic disorder n need to see therapist for proper diagnosis. They think I might hav schizophrenia but I don't think so.

I hear ya man. Keep me posted .. Love be a support and hear bout your experience.
We are all battling something here. I'm bipolar 2... Just diagnosed bojt 4 months ago. It's been HARD AS HELL! I am sliiiiiiiightly better since meds but it ain't enough. That's the trouble with these mental illnesses... It takes a minute to get it all sorted out with your meds. So patience is such a virtue with these things.
But remember it can help. Therapy and meds are there for a reason... Helps and gets ppl better. So be open. And be honest with your doc and therapist. "If your gonna tell then ya gotta tell it alllll" (singin) lol. But really , share all you're feeling so they can help u.