I'm just fad up with some people around....the way they talk is so irritating....two of my best friends also in them so I don't know what to do.... When I was struggling in India everyone were so good n nice but now after living in New Zealand for four year I'm back in India some of my friends n some other people around have changed....I don't know what's their thinking but I'm very much upset with this....what to do guys !!!! Any suggestions
JatinKapoor JatinKapoor
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

If they aren't the kind of friends you would like to keep, then ditch em. Friends WILL get on your nerves, friends do that time to time. But if its a constant annoyance, or they're just not good people, they don't belong in your life.

Thnx buddy....but the thing is two of them are my childhood friends n they said 'Jatin you have changed bcz now you are rich' but I said no I'm still the same....I don't know why they are thinking like that.....

Money does change a man, especially when he/she has worked hard for that status. Wear your new found wealth and mentality with pride. You have evolved, to a better man, and a happier man i assume? Then that's all that matters. If they aren't happy that you're moving up in life then ditch them, moving up requires change. Embrace it. Only gets better nefore the end. :D