Wondering if live is worth living..
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For sure is...

Yes life is def worth living!! Keep your head up! You have your whole future ahead of you!

Hello How are you

Hello Are you wanting to die when you are wondering whether life is worth living

I ask myself that everyday, especially when I'm in the hospital. When I get out and my life goes forward again I see that it is. Until I go back life can be a terrible circle sometimes but fight through it That's all we can do.

Of course! It's so mysterious

you'll find out at the end just hold on for the incredible ride and at the end you will be able to answer that question

yes it is read the bible has many verses dealing with depression

Life can seem like there's no point to it. But the thing is (I think) to MAKE it worth it. Find something you can really get into; that really excites you!

Life changes in a blink of an eye.. so... here today.. gone tomorrow. Guess what I'm trying to say is... Yes, cause a person never knows what another day holds. I have asked that same question many times.... When I was your age, I was a street kid, homeless. Today, I am in love with a great man. I am living a dream, I live in the middle of the woods. I am for the first time in my life.... Slowly but surely finding what means the most to me... Peace of mind! It's worth the wait to feel as I do today.. *smile* Blessings to you!

you are worth it! Even if you think nobody is there for you...somebody is! We love you. Your life is worth everything!


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You are so so so beautiful and young. I used to get depressed when I was younger too, and I still to this day but you will see life is worth living especially when you get out of your teens you will meet someone wonderful and be happy I promise

Your to young to know... Hang in there it gets a lot better .. before it gets a lot worse..( Usually around 80)

why so glum? Life is beautiful and there are so many things out there for you to experience! I'm still discovering new things, but I was unable to cherish the smaller, more personal experiences such as my first beer with my dad or getting taught to shave. My mum doesn't know me very well and my dad is dead, I have little family left and they're all in Australia and America, but every dark cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining is that I met some of my best friends through my worst experiences. Find yours, you wont regret it.

It is,
You are young and still discovering yourself, and there are always pains when you grow,
Many of us have or will suffer from depression at some point in life, and most find their way through it and find their lives much improved,
Make use of the time when you feel its too much, learn something for tomorrow, go outside and look up at the sky, kind of gives you a perspective of space, add color to your living space, and learn to be happy with being unique,
Your little heart has a big place in this world,

If it isn't worth living today, it usually does get better tomorrow, or the next day, or a month after that. Lose yourself in something that makes you feel special or even just accomplished. Maybe you need to change the people around you?

There's always something to live for in life you just have to find it. And if you want to talk I'll listen :)

Hi I struggle to but if you need to talk I'm here and life is worth living suicide thoughts sucks I have them to but there's at least more than two people that care and want you to be happy remind yourself that

9/10 someone your age can make wonders for themselves. All they need is the right know how and the proper help. And before you know it. Your life is better than that of a princess!

Not so much with Kate... She seems to be a perfect spoiled plum now. Heck she even casted aside her best friend for royality.

yes it is

It is!

What has happen to you for you to value something precious, so small? And if you need anyone to speak n to be heard. I'll always listen.

Well let's here your story and I'll give you advice from there OK?

Life is always worth living!