I feel like I'm just a nonstop burden to everyone. Everything I do I mess up. I just want to be out of everybody's hair and let them live easy
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I love you kiwi

You are no burden u are my blessing I love u

What makes you think that? It is not easy for you and probably for the people who cares about you and notice you are not feeling ok.. please talk.. share how you feel, ask for help..

They don't notice.

please tell.. sometime we are just scared to ask what is happening and being annoying..

Yes I suppose

please reach for help .. i know we parents can be annoying many times but we try to help in the best way we can.. kids come without instructions.. so we try.. doesnt mean we are right all the time. If we knew how our son was feeling earlier many things could have been avoided.. he just didnt want to bother us..thinking that he would worry us.. e were already worried because we were seing he was not ok and didnt know why or how to help him

I understand. Thanks. I have a hard time showing how I really feel to people so that gives me a hard time I guess

it is hard .. just start small with somebody you trust.. anything i'm around here.. feel free to contact me if you need ;-)

we all girls are princesses, remember that

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