Going on about 44 hrs of no sleep... All I can think about are the memories and the fact that there is no real easy way out...

I mean there is, but I don't know the trick of doing it fast...

Fall in love with a user and abuser that used me to get what she wanted than discarded me... Discarded and left me with nothing...

Every waking hr today I pretty much cried... And thought about and researched ways to end it all.
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Research breaking soul ties! It will set you free!! I particularly like terri savelle. She has some breaking free from soul ties stuff on you tube and it has really helped me. Get ready for some restful sleep and a peaceful heart.

You're going to be okay. It doesn't seem like it now, but you just got to take it day by day.

Sometimes that's easier to say than do.

Always is. :/

I'm sorry. That...that's really not good that you had to end up in an abusive situation. But that doesn't mean you have to end it. Try going to a support group, or therapy. You can find other people who've been through the same thing, and may be able to give you ways to cope. I'm...sorry I don't have much else I can offer. I can offer a listening ear, though, if you'd like.

Thanks Cori. Many have and I'm talking to 2 nice people as stands. They both know my story and seem to like talking to me... I do thank you.