My husbands Exgirlfriend is an attention seeking ***** who has to pay for making my life a living hell
LandiFAE LandiFAE
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Sounds like rage over depression.

Depression is a low that causes a imbalance in our brain.

Rage is actually more healthy than a depression unless you have a bad heart or nervis system. As it cause your system to fuel up.

I say, if you want just go tell the jerk how you feel. Than walk away to your room. Shut the door. And in much likelihood you will cry in relieve that you told him off.

And as long as you didn't swear, it should sink in that he upset you.

What are you gonna do steal her money lol just kidding. Just don't kill her

i'd love to believe she has money but sadly shes dirt poor