Tomorrow i start starving myself. Woohoo.
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Depending on how much you starve yourself you could possibly hurt your ability to have kids. Make sure you're ok with all of the possibilities and risks of starvation. Also I would suggest you research more about lots of religions because if you believe in satan then surely you believe in God and I don't know why you'd choose bad over good. It seems to me like you love your mom enough to want to still eat some of her cooking so don't you think it will still hurt her, your ring anorexic and all? Plus God and good would be all the cause of good emotions like love and happiness so why would your prefer satan the father of all lies and the one that brings despair and discouragement?

I don't plan to have kids. I plan to kill myself, which I believe will have no affect on my religion or belief. Yes I believe in god and yes I worship satan but I don't view satan the way the bible does. The bible wasn't a guideline, it was a suggestion. Satan to me is something different, and so I worship it.

No don't starve yourself! Your body was created by God, it is disrespecting it to starve it! :(
We have all sinned, and that sin deserves us eternal hell. But God loves us so He died for our sins, shed His blood on the cross in the flesh as Jesus Christ, and rose again, defeating death. So through Him, we can be saved from that and have eternal life, we just need to believe in Him, Jesus, and repent of our sins. Repent is to turn away from our sins and follow Jesus.

I'm really happy you're into this whole god worship thing but i'm kinda Satanic so...sorry...

I understand, maybe later :)

Just eat healthy... This is not difficult! I do not understand

This isn't about weight or size when I starve myself. It's to hurt
Myself internally.

This I do not understand even more. Why would you hurt yourself like this? Please don't do that. I will be with you. I love you

Because it makes suicide easier. The suicide method requires certain breathing so with a weaker respitory system it can be quicker

I love you.

What are you gonna do? Hyperventilate?

No, gonna overdose on carbon dioxide. It's a lot to explain but yeah

I'm curious. I have no intention to kill myself, but not quite sure how you plan to pull it off.

So basically you get a plastic bag that's kinda thick and have no holes, then duct tape the opening around your neck. Just start breathing normally and soon the bag will fill with carbon dioxide, and once it does you'll feel yourself drifting into a sleep feeling. The only pain there has ever been is a slight headache.

You do realize you are too young to decide if life is worth living or not. You haven't really been living long enough to make a change.
I'm 31 and finally finding what good things there are for me.
At 13 I wanted to die, but I didn't want to leave my brother alone, so I stuck it out.
At 18 I wanted to die, but realized I was so close to getting out on my own and there was so much more for me to experience, so I stuck it out.
At 23 I wanted to die, but realized that while my death would hurt the person I wanted to hurt, I realized that I would never gain the satisfaction of seeing their pain, so I stuck it out to find a way to make that person pay while I watched them suffer.
At 28 I wanted to die after my husband cheated on me for 4yrs, but I refused to leave my kids alone with him. So I stuck it out to find a better way out.
Now I'm 31, still think death would be the easier way, but after fighting for so long, all I have left is fight, and I fight everything.

At least stick it out till your 21, that way you can get a taste of real life.
Get help. You clearly care about your family if you are going to eat a little dinner just to be nice to your mom.
Your going to destroy her life by taking yours. She will spend the rest of her life blaming herself for it.

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Me 2

Are you gonna go all the way? I'm going to do only a little of dinner each day to be polite to my mom's cooking...

Im gna go all The way

Alright, just make sure to have water lots though, it makes it a little easier because you can get full on water instead of food