25 Days To Go To My Suicide

I wake up every morning wishing i didn't. Life seems to short to be at war with yourself. Kind of ironic because my life has been cut short because of it.

Nobody noticing me, Nobody caring about me, Nobody that gives a damn about me. It's all come to this.

It feels like im on the edge of the world and ready to jump off now. Just please let me die. Let me die so i can be at peace. I don't want to be so alone anymore.
theblacktiger theblacktiger
22-25, M
4 Responses Aug 21, 2014

That isnt true im me and other people are reading you and offering company.

It s hard I still go threw it myself. But you will also have the best times of your life to come. Its a hump in the road. Try a support group a hobby take a walk look around you listen to the birds . you gave to learn to love yourself to be happy. We are all here for you!!!!! Xxoo (((((hugs))))

You can't leave! Everyday is a miracle you must trust this. You can do anything! I need u and I love you

I care.