So, I just moved onto my first apartment with my best friend. So why do I still feel so down all the time? It's like I have an inability to be happy. No, not the temporary happiness you get when you're hanging out with friends or when you laugh a joke. I'm talking about being able to be happy when no one else is around to keep your mind occupied. I don't want to live the rest of my life having to distract my mind in order to function. I've been doing that **** for years and I'm sick of it. I hate to *****, but I'm just so done.
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I was the same way, then over time I realized I had become my best friend. Now I prefer my own company over that of friends.
Of course having multiple personalities helps.

If you are an artist immerse yourself in it when you are alone. That and music always helps me keep the negative thoughts out. But if I can't keep them out, I embrace them and project them into my art.

Yeah, that's what I do with writing. I've had writer's block for awhile, though. You know, lots of ideas, all of them going nowhere.

Yep, I actually have three books I'm writing. And several pieces of art only partially completed.

I battle depression have done for twenty years chat if u need to

Thanks :)

No prob just inbox anytime x

Alright, will do.

Good man

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Avoid isolating yourself. It's easy to just stay in your room and do your own thing. But that's when you go too deep into your head. It's easy to get lost. It's important to remember that you're stressing yourself out. It's all unwarranted when you really think about it. Just take a couple deep breaths and laugh it off. Good luck.

Issue with that is I really can't stand to be around most people. I've always been that way. Unfortunately, I really didn't have a ton of friends over the years, so I spent all my time in my room after school and on weekends, reading a good book. I guess that behavior just kinda stuck.

I understand how you feel.. It's a constant battle, and it's horrible.