Today was okay until the end. I can tell I'm not going to like my Yearbook/Newspaper class. I feel really out of place. I might end up switching to another class.
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

why do you feel out of place? I've felt that way sometimes, especially at my children's swim club. I felt like I just didn't fit in at ALL And that the other mom's there didn't like me. I toughed it out though, and have since become good friends with several people.

I know what you mean. Yearbook/Newspaper/Journalism people are so preppy and perky. They also can be sort of sarcastic and cynical. But maybe you should give it a chance. Go to the adviser/teacher and tell them that you are not sure you fit in. Have a talk. Give yourself a chance to be drawn into the activity. As depressed people, we tend to isolate ourselves and hang back from joining in. Give it to the end of the Drop/Add period. Then you can see.

Well this class has a mix of the really preppy people and the " quirky" kids. The ones that look like they just stepped out of tumblr. I just feel invisible and like I'm going to end up dreading going to the class. It's my last year and I just want to enjoy it.

Good Luck. I hope you let yourself enjoy.