I've been on Cymbalta for over 3 years for depression and anxiety. My anxiety hasn't been present in over 6 months (yay coping skills) but I'm feeling depressed. Does that mean my medicine is no longer working?
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You need to chat with your dr. Not all drugs work for all people. You need to find one that works for you. But also look something funny up every day. Look till you find something that makes you smile :) if it's the only smile that day, that's ok!! One step at a time ;)

I'm very depressed and I started cutting again what dr should I c

Stop cutting yourself!

I haven't cut in 2 days

Well don't do it again. I recommend seeing a therapist.

Yes how do I find one internet

Depends where you live. Google city and therapist. Or ask a dr.


You really should talk to someone and get the help you need/deserve right away. Cutting yourself will only make you feel worse. Talking to a therapist and taking an antidepressant will make you feel a lot better. Please get some help. It will be so worth it!

Ok I'll c

Oh sweetheart don't cut yourself.

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Talk to your doctor? Or write a letter. I wrote a letter and faxed it to mine to explain why I wanted to switch antidepressants because I still felt depressed and found it easier to write a letter than just talk over the phone or face to face. I'm weird like that I guess. Haha. Another option would be to up your dosage of Cymbalta if you feel uncomfortable trying something else. Good luck!