Tired of This Feeling...

I have battled depression off and on just about all my life.  Guess I was raised in a very dysfunctional home and just never learned how to cope with life in a healthy way.  When things are going well I can be so happy but when things get stressful I really can get down.  Am on antidepressants at present but they don't seem to be working.  Have gained so much weight that I keep putting off seeing the doctor but want so much to feel happy again.  Have so much in my life that I should be happy about but just cannot find the energy to enjoy them.  I am not suicidal but just want this feeling to end.

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I think im going to saying this to everyone..... quit taking meds, i say that cuz they are ****** and a side effect of many of them are suicidal thoughts, and my brother took so many it nearly killed him, his body went numb or some ****. I think a big problem is people get so sucked into depression that they feel so apathetic that they don't even to F! :0 Grab a man a start benching that ******, get up get out, don't spend all your days tryin to gett hhiiiiiigggggghhhhhh, try to find something new in life, find something that will change your perspective, do something, tell ppl your thoughts, do whatever you know. BIG LOVE SEXXXXXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMAAAAAA

depression can cause comfort eating. I have suffered from anorexia in my past but when im depressed i can eat for england!. Then when i put on weight thats another reason to be depressed. Its hard living with depression, but its the way it is for some and you just have to learn to know that there is an end coming it just takes time and it possibley isnt going to go away forever, i think what im saying is you do get used to being depressed and once youve accepted that it is part of who you are it becomes easier to acknowledge, its like a recurring illness but it carries a stigma!. I have people thinking i am a raving lunatic when i tell them i suffer from depression and anxiety. Or some think im acting! now i dont care too much about what other people think the only people i am concerned about are my family and they all understand why i suffer the way i do and that helps as i find it most frustrating trying to get people to understand how disabling it can be.

Try the doctor. Maybe your dose needs to change. I take anti-depressants also. Weight gain isn't one of the side a effect. You probably eat more because of the depression. <br />
A good deit and exercise helps. I know it's hard to do but it beats being depress. Good Luck<br />