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So my mom and dad recently got divorced and a few months later my mom gets a boyfriend, and I was OK about it, but the guy seemed .... evil. Recently he has been coming to my moms house, drinking a lot then going to their room. At first I didn't think much about it, I was warm and wanted to turn on the air-conditioning, so I went and knocked on my moms door, and said "Mom, can I please turn the air on?", he then yelled "GET THE FU** AWAY FROM THE GODDAM*** DOOR!".(After this I don't quite 100% remember what happened) I was baffled.... so I went back downstairs and continued to play on my computer, then I started to think, 'why was he cursing at me?' . So tomorrow I got home from school, did my home work, and about 2 hours later my mom's boyfriend showed up.. he said 'Hi' and I just didn't respond. They got some vodka and beer and went outside on the porch (it was pitch black outside by then). I was curious and a bit angry so I took out my phone, downloaded an IP webcam app and hid my phone in her room. After about 30 minutes they head upstairs and lock the door. So I head to my computer and listen to what they were saying(I know this is an invasion of privacy and blah blah blah, but I HAD to know). They talked for about 10 minutes then I could here kissing noises, then he said "I could lick your **** all day". I angry! How could my mom be doing this!??!??!?!? For some reason I felt like I need to Stop this, subconsciously, not intentionally. He also said "Your sex drives me to *MYCITY*(he lived far away). For some reason I felt like I HAD, NEEDED to stop this so I started to make up random questions and interrupt them as much as I possibly could. And so this kept happening for weeks. I told my mom that I don't like him and so on (never told because I was too afraid to talk about sex...) so we went to a counselor and so on. None of this helped it just made my relationship with my mom worse. But then... I found this website, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! I suffer from depression and often want to suicide because of this... I have a recording of what they were saying if you want more info.

I am a divorced mom with two kids. You really need to talk to her and if she's not receptive can you go live with your dad or another stable family member? She's obviously very lonely. Do you have brothers or sisters? Please don't let your moms terrible choices make you end your life. Work hard to change it. Either where you are or move somewhere healthier.