Hey guys I thought of something that could maybe help us with our depression. What if we kept a Fantasy journal? When we feel really sad we could write down happy fantasies with unlimited freedom of things going well. There wouldn't have to be restrictions you could write of traveling to the stars or of meeting a fascinating wonderful person. Anything really. But also you could include things like say you have a bad day where things went wrong. You could rewrite it making good things happen. You could when you had negative thoughts of bad things coming write entries of happy futures. Even you could write of cures being found for diseases, of poverty ending. Anything positive. This could train our brains to focus on the positive and keep us a fun outlet which could cause us to feel joy.
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What a wonderful idea. Thanks for the suggestion:)

I am in.

I don't know if this helps you but this song completely calms me down;

It's drone music. Extremely spacey but calm music to sooth your inner self. I usually listen to this song when I have anxiety attacks / panic attacks to help me calm down, but I think it's also really helpful if you feel bad or negatively in general.

no... it's better to accept reality no matter how bad it may seem than to pretend it's all good. I'd feel like crap if I had my own fantasy journal because I would be writing something that I really wanted but couldn't have. even playing video games make me feel a bit sad, although it's fun. maybe for you it works, but not for me... ever.

Not everything will work for all. If you found a way to defeat your depression who am I to say it's a bad idea

I'm not saying not to accept reality. That's why it'd be a fantasy journal not a normal journal where you're pretending to feel a way you don't. It's not about pretending its all good and ignoring what's bad. It's important to acknowledge things are bad when they are. But it's also important not to stew in despair and pain.

I don't think I said it the way I want... Let's say you really like this guy, but you know that you can never have him. You still fantasize about him whenever you see the husband that you no longer love but can't afford to divorce either. How can you feel good fantasizing about that guy when you have your husband slapping you in the face all the time?

bad example... I am just saying I can't fantasize about something going well when it doesn't. If I wanted to beat depression, I would do more than just fantasizing. That's just me, though.

Even if it helps just one person, it's worth it great idea.

Yeah I agree of course it's not for everyone I don't even know if it will help me. But I am desperate to find ways to heal so anything I can think of that could help me or others at all I say because depression is so terrible and we all need hope and ways to heal.

I agree and wish you well. I hope your idea helps you if not remember it just might of saved someone else

Wow that's a really good idea.