I wonder which is worse, optimistic people or pessimistic?

I'd say optimistic people. They tell you how great their life is, and how wonderful life is, yet they make you feel as if you're missing out.

At least with pessimistic people, you can relate to an extent, and actually have a proper conversation about the toils of life.
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5 Responses Aug 22, 2014

What about realists who are neither optimists nor pessimists?

Just let people be who they are without all the labels let their actions define how we see and or accept/reject them. We are all different no two pessimists, optimists, realists, or any others think exactly alike

I'm just a optimistic pessimist, think about it

Okay! yea that does fit me better as well! Depends on the day really! Today, thankfully both!

Optimists are liars.

I like to think of it as an illusion myself! That's the only thing that saves me at times!

Pessimistic and depressed people are often quicker to reach out to people to maybe aid them in lifting their own spirits while optimistic people are often afraid of having their mood spoiled by someone who focuses on the negative side of things. I suppose everyone's selfish from a certain point of view.

What about the in between. Optimistic that beaten down, but refuses to give up!