I will need to start doing the things that counteract depression again: exercise, light therapy, mindfulness. I am not depressed now. In the past I have always waited until it was too late, until I was depressed, and only then I would start counteracting it. This time I figure I have got to start earlier than that. The fall is coming, and my depressions appear to be seasonal. The time to start acting is now, while I am still ok. But it is so easy to procrastinate on improvements while they appear to be less urgent.
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hi ! yes start ahead of time ! my brother and i work together ! he got so depressed he went to two or three doctors in one day trying to get help ! it has become a real challange working with him ! i feel most of his depression came after the loss of mom ! take care and good luck to you ! :-)

awe gd luck with that! its great to stay positive and proactive!
ive really started to jump back into my exercise too, it just kicks my day off nicely and seems to lift me up.
Your right , preempting your depression and doing things to counteract it beforehand is a really positive step!