Every day is a battle and im finding each day hard... I dunno wot to do anymore im in a deep black hole trying to find my way out and i dont no how to. :(
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I'll be here too, if you need a friendly, non-judgemental ear. I don't promise to have all the answers, but I've been on one medication or another for the last 14 years and am now going back through the various antidepressants available in a bid to find something a bit more suitable for me.
The side-effect's are not much fun, but I like the layer of calm that comes with medication. I think it makes me more receptive to other therapies that my doc has planned; cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) being one.

I was sectioned at 14 when u first tried to kill myself...

I agree with Lily, you should try talking to someone. It always helps. You can talk to me as well, Im going through that as well & I know how hard it is.