I am suffering with depression but my family don't take it seriously and keep taking this **** I can't cope with it no more I need help and they make life hell
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ive been there. have to put on the fake smile. been called ugly and actually been the victim of bullying my whole life and even now im in an abusive relationship where I get the abuse, verbal physical emotional etc. and yes, i have been diagnosed with major depression disorder and im supposed to be on a million drugs that i really cant afford right now but that never really worked when i was on them. and yes my family is like "get over it". Oh and yeah I had cancer and year and months ago...and their still like , your in remission now. shake it off and go. and ive had permanent stuff go wrong with me cuz of the cancer but icant say anything cuz it like "so". and the depression thing...well, u can only go so far with that if you have a kid and they threaten to take them away or lock you up for observation so yeah, i kinda feel your vibe. and all the social workers and counselors are just like, wow you are screwed up and we really dont know how to help. and with the family barking at my heels, well... you story just spoke volumes to me. i hope things get better for you. but if anything i'll listen and be sympathetic. i know the neglected feeling and words falling on deaf ears. for what its worth... ill listen, and most certainly not judge. take care

How about explaining what is bothering you the most right now. Were here to help if we can.

Right now I have got a new job so I am 2 weeks away from living my old one after I leave my job I have to pay back my travel loan in full which is 1000 pounds I also have to pay for travel to my new job and money for my dad's wedding and money for my college course and rent and bills and food and I don't have any money I am getting two weeks pay in my last pay cheque and all my savings has just gone to fix my car so I don't know what I am going to do not to mention my dad is marrying someone the same age as me I am
Not over my parents divorced I was raped then in an abusive relationship and have spent most my life being called fat and ugly

Can you pay back the money in installments? If not, what could they do if you took a few months to pay it back? Honestly your dad should be paying for his own wedding. I can understand you helping him. But it's his choice to have a wedding that exceeds his wallet. Your bills should be paid according to priority. Food, rent, transportation, then you pay the others what ever you can. I don't know about there, but here so long as you send them something they can't take you to court. And besides that. You can play catch up on the bills after you have worked a couple of months at the new job.
The divorce issue is something I'm not sure just how to deal with. And new wife's age is something that you'll just have to live with. For however long that works out.
The rape is something you really should deal with in a support group. I've heard the can be tremendously helpful. The ex boyfriend. He was obviously the one with issues and he took them out on you because he is a weak minded SOB.
I assume that the picture is really you. You look beautiful to me and I like your nose.

That is me yes and thank you I hate my nose it's my biggest thing about me I hate and I need to pay transport to get to work and I have I pay them
In full they will just take it out my last pay cheque which will literally cover the loan I then need to survive 6 weeks on nothing I am in so much stress and I know I need help I'm to ashamed to ask

Damn, you're almost former employer sucks. No wonder you're leaving. :)
I know you probably don't want to do this. But I think you should consider asking your Dad or Mum for a loan. That's if they even have it. Or if you have any line of credit you could get cash from to pay for the things you really need. But it does sound like you're in a tight spot. However try your best to have faith that it will all work out eventually.

Thank you

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