23 Days To Go To My Suicide

If we were all blind, What would life be like? I thought about that today as i walked through the streets on a cold morning. Would we see people we hate differently. Or would we see people we had originally liked differently?

People usually see the world in black and white these days but people with mental health issues just see grey.

Anything is better than being alive for me.
theblacktiger theblacktiger
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Don't do it, your life is worth living!!!!! Please don't do it!

Can I ask why the countdown?

I did that. All your doing is building a awareness for your body to counteract what your going to try.

Take my word for it. I'm slowly dying of liver heart and kidney damage. Its not pleasant.

While that's going on I'm still researching more ways to kill myself... So... Don't have the countdown. Unless its there for us to say don't do it?

Whats your story anyways.