Post-Medicated battles with depression.

I have totally given up on using pharmaceuticals to fight my recurring depression.
I use St John's Wort, Norwegian Salmon Oil and a lot of exercise. This is not a cure. But I can feel the full range of human emotion and that is such a good thing for me! I also avoid all wheat and sugar.
Is anyone else out there on the more natural path with their depression?
I still go to therapy and I also meditate (not often enough).
So far, so good.
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4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Also make sure you get plenty of vitamin D, whether from supplements, sunshine, or food like fish, eggs, and milk. A lack of vitamin D can contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder and general depression.

If this way is working for you, then it's all good. I wish you well.

I have all the reason's to be depressed like you. I have a head injury, was thrown out of my ex's in febuary around valintines day, my two beautiful children live with my ex, my mother has placed me in the spot with all of the horrible guy's she has gone out with in her past, etc. I have it bad but some have it worse.
You just have to hold your head high and when that dam depression come's to take hold of you tell it You love yourself for all you are!

I chose not to take med's because I saw what it did to other's.

My depression comes from possession. I don't know how to control it