i just really need to talk to someone right now, i have no one to turn to, to let all my feelings go. ive never had anyone by my side and ever since ive just been pushing people away and im aways alone and isolated in my room. Everytime someone gives me a compliment i always deny it and tell myself the opposite. Everytime i hang out with "friends" i always act fake around them. Every laugh, and every smile is all fake because i dont want people to see how i actually feel because every time i do i just get rejected. My life is just getting worse by the minute. ive been getting really depressed and ive started cutting myself because i have nothing better to do. Ive even thought about killing myself. Most people will say i need therapy or something like that but thats not what i need......i need someone to be here for me. You might say i have my family to turn to but they just dont understand. To make everything worse.....im 13 and gay and no one knows
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Talk to me, if you want.

I am here for you I'll be by your side :)

You are not alone dear we are here

I'm here, all answer questions and give insight as I can.
You are not alone.

Talk to me. I will listen.