Well the weekend is here. The family won't be checking in on me. I'll have random contacts checking in. But if I play my cards right. I just might get to say game over man game ******* over!

Nothing like getting my hands on some captain Morgan, 60 t1's 20 benadryl, 20 unisoms, and 10 gravol. Along with a bottle of nyquil! Can't fail this time cause the capital is your friend!
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and where is this party located? i myself dont like Captain morgan, so ill bring my own.

sad for hearing that.. I'd put the captain Morgan to a best use that some freaking cocktail. Again the more probably thing from doing so would be you hurt your stomach and esophagus so bad, you will end in a hospital with tubes everywhere.. that's not comfortable at all

Tylenol 1s go codeine. I did this once as a stand alone. Coffee and booze do nothing for each other. But codeine and booze is bad...

And with the liver and all 19k of ace... ERM nah... I'm 5'6 and under 120 lbs I'm good.

The others is to keep me together so I can be high! Woot.

I had t2 and t3... thats the most horrible thing to take even after surgery as I did..
As today I can declare that the doctors(nurse, who knows..) handling your case are a complete group of ********.. if your are thinking as I know you are how in hell they give you that?
If you need to mask whatever you are doing by being high.. meaning you need to deny what you are doing.. whats the point then ? I would reconsider that idea at least today.. and remember how miserable and horrible could be ending in a hospital with tubes everywhere and not being able to do anything about it..

What is contributing? I have had my bouts of depression too. It is hard!

What isn't?

Can you list anything that is positive in your life?


Not at all sweetie. Lost it all. Ask vale, vale can tell you how deep I am.

I am so sorry to hear that you feel everything is lost. I hope you will change your mind and live to find hope in another day <3

... Feel that everything is lost...

No family, no friends, no work, on EI medical leave. And you think I might have a positive outlook on life...

I thank you kindly on your nice words of spirit... But this ship sank long ago and I've just been floating here cause I couldn't cone up with a way that would end my life.

No family, no friends....... parents gone? Only child?? No job??


Why? Did you kill someone?

Read my very first story.

There are some parents out there that never wanted to have a kid just so u know. And I was one of those kids that fell victim to that.

There is bad things in the world. Don't sugar coat it.

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