I admit I have trust issues yet I have reasons like this one.

I was led on during my freshman year. As the the months went by his kindness turned to nothing, but bitterness. It hurts because I liked him a lot because I thought he was different. He made me smile randomly, and he made me forget about the bad.

Then he started calling me names, and flirting with other girls when I was around. He got mad when I talked to my guy friends even though these were my bros. I was led on from November to May.

I'm over it now, but it just adds on to more bad memories. Another reason why I don't let guys into my heart in that type of way. Now a little more earlier this summer I had to see his face for a review. He kept staring at me, and my friends even saw it. His friends looking at me talking to him in a "pep talk" way. We have the same homeroom for the rest of our high school years.

I hope hes not going to try to again with a good start cause I don't take crap from anyone. I'm gonna just flip him off, and walk away.
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Some people never figure out that people are bad for them. Good for you. High school only lasts for so long.

Yeah and I'm gonna make the best of it