I have this morbid fantasy where I tie a cinder block to my feet and throw myself from the Ocean Beach pier. I imagine sinking further down and feeling a slight panic as I run out of air, followed by a calm of knowing it's almost over. I wonder how many others I would join down there. I'd never do it, but I think about it daily. I think it would be a very polite death.
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I think it would be a pretty sharp panic since the cinder block would send you down pretty fast. You'd probably drown pretty quick from the gasp you release like a sudden drop on a roller coaster that gives you crazy stomach butterflies.

If I were to fancy orchestrating my death, I would go far away to some beautiful natural place where I would never be found and no one would know what I did or where I went. Not sure what I'd do next though... But definitely not drown. Water is not kind to dead bodies.

Drowning or suffocation is one of the worst ways to go out IMO. I hope you never do that.

drowning is not its horrible

I know, I almost drowned once. I simultaneously think it's the worst way to go. I'd never do it, it's just a screwed up fantasy.

well death by fire is the other one

Lol the two extremes..

the one I hate is a plane crash cause I hate to fly

u should the pic of nose when it got 1/2 burn off ungly really

I have nightmares where I'm free falling but I would hope it would at least be instant. Maybe if you yelled "wooooo!" You could pretend you were on an epic rollercoaster.

not my dreams

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