I'm almost 8 months pregnant.
I can't give him sex and he's kind of a fiend.
He's been acting shady with his phone.
There was a rumor he cheated on me but he says no.
I feel like I'm never good enough
I hate myself
I feel like if I just disappeared he'd be happier.
I think of his happiness
Not mine.
I feel sick and like I'm going crazy.
If I try talking to him it causes problems
If I don't I'm dying inside.
I want to sleep and seriously just not wake up.
I can't deal, my thoughts are eating me alive.
I feel like any other girl is better to him than me.
I don't know what to do.
I want to ball my eyes out but he will wake up and get mad at me.
He says he loves me and I believe it
I just wish I could make myself feel it.
NataliPurtyEyes NataliPurtyEyes
22-25, F
4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

This may sound rude but I mean this in all kindness, your pregnant and your hormones are now very mixed up. Your angry happy paranoid and trusting all at the same time... You need to maybe do some yoga clear your mind and reevaluate your situation hun.

Defend your feelings. Tell him how you feel. If he gets mad at you for crying or feeling insecure, defend your feelings. They are there because you are preg and because he is acting shady.
He needs to man up and be there for you, you need to demand it.
My husband started cheating on me before I got preg and I allowed myself to believe his denial. He kept doing it for 4yrs. I was preg twice through it.
Fix it now, get your answers, and do what you need to do for you.

Obviously I don't know the person you're talking about, but from what you said I can tell that you're way too good for him. I don't mean that to sound harsh or anything but it sounds like he's giving you a really hard time and you don't deserve that. You have to put your child before anyone else. Take care of him/her, protect them, keep them healthy, and keep them alive. Right now your child is inside of you, which means you have to take care of yourself as best you can as well. Please stay strong and know that you're worthy of a great life, and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Congratulations on your pregnancy. c: And you're really beautiful, by the way.

Wow, you feel better, and understand that now you have child coming to this world, so you have to be strong for yourself and your child as well.