If I think about dying but I would never really hurt myself or kill myself, what would you call that?
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Definitely depression. Like you, I have not been suicidal, but when I have been depressed, death was definitely on my mind a lot. Actually the last time I overcame depression was in part because the thoughts of death scared me into making radical changes to overcome depression.

I just recently had this discussion with my doctor. She said thinking about death or dying is the depression. Acknowledging those thoughts and choosing to find reasons to deny acting on those thoughts is called STRENGTH.
That's according to my doctor, so take it as you will.


I occasionally think about what I'd like the afterlife to be like. Honestly I think death is on a lot of people's minds. We worry about dying every day especially since we know nothing about afterlife except theories.

Unless your Hindu and believe in reincarnation.

Even if you believe in reincarnation, you probably wonder if you're going to end up as a squirrel or something when you die.

Reincarnation is not TRUE. Trust me. -_- :3

They already know what they'd come back as. I don't know the list.

Psss... are you a kid that easily deceive by what said?

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Please don't do that. I believe in Second Chances.

mental issues

Depression. Although your not suicidal or do the "cutting", you'd still be considered depressed.