You know how people with seasonal depression have depression during the winter due to a lack of sunlight? I have a seasonal depression during the spring and summer. I hate the heat and I hate the sun because it is so painfully bright. I absolutely love the fall and winter, the quiet peace they brings, the cold crisp air. The sun is blocked out by rain or snow and it's wonderful. I love watching and listening to rain/snow. The most beautiful colors are in the fall and winter. Winter is usually black and white, and that's wonderful. All the bugs leave and hide away because they can't stand the cold. All the best holidays (Halloween, Dio De Los Muertos, Christmas) occur in the fall and winter. It's the easiest time for me to focus on school. My birthday would feel so perfect if it took place in October or November instead of March.
Green is an okay color, but it just gets so painfully commonplace in the spring and summer.

It is currently storming outside tonight. I'm feeling peachy.
Apirne Apirne
22-25, F
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I know what you mean honey. And that mojodojo can go **** himself. How rude. He obviously has some issues. Especially when you can write something like this and he can be that much of a *****. I liked your post.

if you look on his profile he only has 2 experiences... "i am a gamer" and "i am single" so im pretty sure his brain is rotten from all the hours of video games and **** he watches...


Ikr those to seasons are aaaawwwweeeessssoooommmmeeee

don't move to Iceland