I can't get away from here. I feel enclosed by the very corner of the world I sought refuge in. This contradiction will forever define me. Someone get me out! I'm going fcking mad. A claustrophobia has come over me, and I'm hyperventilating. There's no one to talk to. Relate to. I'm starring down the sun, here. Every night is like walking with the wounded, the forlorn is so tangible you're breathing it. Everyone wants to be understood. Misery is shared and exchanged, like cards of a catastrophically sad collection. Enthusiasm's disintegrated to nothing, and you can't seem to recover from that. It takes an incredibly rare person to come across to uplift the weight. Online or off. And even then, any form of sobriety is short lived. You can't lift yourself out of the cesspool, and takling your misery is exhausting. This is the bitter aspect of a melancholy gone general grey. Where the meek are all in one, and drift aimlessly for sustenance. Superficiality pushed aside, we desperately want substance. And you sure as hell won't find it at 4:22AM on a Saturday.
At this moment, silence brings no peace.
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I met someone on my frequented chat site one night, however many months ago. I can't remember his exact story, but he shared with me something tremendous. Someone close to him had passed, or committed suicide. He was considering it himself. He told me these songs helped him. I don't think I've seen him since, to be honest I forgot about it a few days later. I wish I hadn't.
I don't know if these songs will mean anything to you, if they'll help or not.

Your comment alone was reassuring.

Very well put! :(

feel free to tak to me, I'm all ears if u wanna talk 'bout anything or need a friend!

Thank you so much for just commenting.