Im feeling in good spirits today :-) just hope its not a temporary 'high'!
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U have the choice to be happy or unhappy it is all in the brain just activate that feature that's way brain Is the most powerful organ .
Keep trying and dont be affected by the things around u . U can be happy and u deserved to be happy peace

Way easier said then done though

U do not have the choice. U have the choice to do things to try and make yourself happier but thats it, u cannot wake up one day and go 'il be happy today'
Thank you for the well wishes though

You don't know what you're talking about.

I don't know what im talking about!? Coming from a 16 year old who's brain isn't even fully developed yet..ook great sorry mate :-/

Somme people are depressed because they were born with a chemical imbalance in their brain such as with dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine , and it's not in their control , so you saying that people have the "choice to be happy or unhappy" is ridiculous. I would usually ignore people like you but because I'm diagnosed with depression , I can't let an idiot like you say things that aren't remotely true, so before you open your mouth , please know what you're talking about. Oh , and don't determine someone's intelligence by their age , because I obviously just have you a little lesson.

Well this quite embarrassing for you boy because I absolutely agree with you and if you actually took the time to read my post properly I wrote 'you DO NOT have the choice' and that you 'CANNOT wake up and decide to be happy' sooo you either responded to the wrong person or you can't read, either way you are a complete *** lol

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