As of late I notice more males on this site seem to be posting issues in they life. And when I speak with them, they are just upset that they aren't with someone. Is this a new pick up tactic? To come out as a sensitive male... So the female picks you up...

Yes I'm sensitive but I don't use it to pick up girls... If a girl wants me just for that reason than it isn't going to work out.

I am truly broken, although a lot of people here just think I'm messing around.
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Not all of us are just upset because they aren't with someone, sometimes it's actually an experience that has screwed them up bad

Freedie, did I say all or did I say most?


Than why did you imply I said all?

You'd be surprised how many people ARENT messing around. I'm definitely not one of them. Although my problems aren't about me not being in a relationships. But there are all sorts of reasons

Was meant towards males.

For females it seems to be a emotional feeling of being alone, and other sorts.

If I was to do a study for the people I spoke to this passed week. 80% of males that posted about depression and suicide, lied, faked, or had no clue what stress and depression was, or did it trying to get a friend or girlfirend /boyfriend out of it.

The other 20% are more concearing cases. And are posting every few days a update on how things are going in they life.