I used to think that self harm was stupid. But now I understand. It's to let out the pain you feel on the inside. I know exactly how it feels.
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I thought it was stupid too, until I got depressed. I kept thinking it was similar to recovering from a drug addiction by replacing it with an alcohol addiction, that kind of thing. And in a way it is but it's definitely not stupid.

If we have a hole in our heart none of these things will fill it. It very much is like alcohol addiction. I think this is more of a female thing possibly relating to how the media says girls should look and rebelling against it (though that part's just my hypothesis). Try to fill that hole with exercise-running/bike riding really hard REALLY helps. Also a punching bag/stress ball will help too. Trust me this stuff really helps. This might sound corny but Jesus is the only thing that will really fill that need. I've met some drug attics who were molested, etc. You name it, they went through it. Then they were healed. Bottom line there is hope. Also if you can find someone to really confide in it will feel like a weight lifting off of you.

I self harm so I understand why people do it. It makes me feel relaxed. But I still think I am pretty stupid for doing it.

Self-injury is like a drug. I tried it once and was a little freaked out by it so I never did it again. It really is like a steam valve releasing some of the pain but it is NOT healthy. It's a form of self-hate and strawberry99 is right, like any drug, there are other ways.

I know it's not healthy. And there are other ways, it's just that sometimes it's hard not to. I've never really self harmed but sometimes when it gets so much I scratch my arm until I bleed and I instantly feel guilty even though I don't notice I do it when it's happening

Oh, it's not easy! In a way it's no different than drug or alcohol addiction. There's some people with trichitilimania (sp.) that pull their hair out to relieve stress. They don't want to but can't stop and end up with bald patches. btw you said that you have't self-harmed, but that is self harm!

I just never really thought of it as hurting myself, I didn't want believe I did maybe

I never thought I would cut, until I couldn't find another way to release my pain.

Mine started when my parents were divorcing and I was around 7, 8. First time someone noticed anything on my arms I lied and said the cat scratched me.

Yeah I usually cut on my arms and sometimes on my thighs. When i got older it moved to piercing things and burning my self, I have a lot of scars on my arms and wrists. I was adopted so I don't know my family history.

It's not selfish at all. I don't speak to some of my family members but for different reasons. As did I.

Not something I've been tempted to do, but it seems like people get a rush (endorphins) after it, which makes them feel better.

I've never actually done it. I just kind of understand I guess

I definitely felt better after I cut for a while. Then I felt guilty because I knew I did something wrong and I had to find a way to hide it.