It's just one of those nights where I've got too much energy to expend and it's all just turning into frustration and heat. I would go for a walk if it didn't mean being alone. Being alone always makes things worse. I think tonight is one of those 'Take three Benadryl and try to force myself to sleep" nights.

I'm just waiting for the day when I don't feel like I'm completely worthless. The worst part is knowing I've got enough excuses to last until I can't hold on any longer. Been there; done that.

Haha I wish all this energy didn't just make me moody XD
Have a lovely night/day everyone.
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I'm sorry you're going through this. I know how hard it is to be by yourself when you're depressed, the bad thoughts just charge at you and corrupt you. If you ever need someone to talk to, a distraction or anything, I'm here for you. c:

Thank you :) I'll make sure to take you up on that soon enough :P

Depression sucks. My boyfriend...guess now my ex...not sure what the hell is going on really...moved out a week ago. I have had depression off & on since I was 15. Believe me, it's ON now. Sometimes I HAVE to take a walk at night. It's the only thing that even remotely helps with the anxiety. Have a hard time sleeping, etc. I'm happy when it becomes night..because it means I got thru yet another day...but then wake up in the morning thinking "I have to get thru another day." Sorry...that probably didn't help you much.:( If we were closer & you didn't mind someone so old, I would walk with ya!:)

Hah you have no idea how much I would enjoy that chance. I don't have so many problems on a daily basis, but when it's bad it's bad. Turned on a fan and talked a lot and it seems to be helping. It's feeling alone that is the worst part.

Feeling lonely sucks A LOT. Have always felt that way...just less when I have someone around who really cares.

I don't know that feeling. I've never had someone around who could understand. Are you looking for someone to care? Haha I always find myself caring a bit too much. Coping mechanisms are weird. All I know is when I have someone to care about everything in the world seems a little bit more exciting.

I also always care way too much.

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Same here. I wish I would fill my time with something productive that I would enjoy but I just hate going out. So I get pissed and frustrated at being so bored and lonely.

Haha I always wish I could find a friend like me because I thrive off of helping other people get back up. I'd be glad with other people filling up my time.