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So just because I'm more privileged than most people I have no right to be depressed?
I don't understand how people do not see that it doesn't matter how rich or poor you are or how many friends or family members you have, you can still be depressed. Ok, yes I'm only 13 but that doesn't mean that I don't have problems, my family is splitting right before my birthday and I can't help but feel like it's all my fault.

My depression struggle started at the end of last year when my now ex boyfriend decided to dump all his problems on me and tried to make everything seem as if it was my fault. I'm a very delicate person when it comes to my emotions and other peoples emotions so I had a really hard time dealing with this. Wen I decided to break up with him, I couldn't do it to his face (I know it's pathetic). I eventually broke up with him and that's when he decided to make my life a living hell. He would tell me to kill myself and he would tell his friends lies about me, I couldn't handle it. I started to cut and the more thing he said about me the deeper I feel into depression.

As the new year started I went to my new school with no friends. I managed to make one friend at least.

As the year went on I was bullied and sexually harassed, it was terrible and I felt as if I could do nothing about it. My parents soon found out about the bullying and the cutting, they took me to a ton of therapy in hopes that I would just get over it. They've grounded me and put me under house arrest, but nothing has worked I am still depressed and still cutting.

I am slowly losing myself in a sea of my own demons. I'm afraid that it might be too late to save me.
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When I was a teen, after my parents separated, I was banging my head against a wall literally to transfer the emotional pain to physical. I had low self esteem and I was depressed, and I was a spoiled only child. What helped me was doing a thorough self analysis, increasing my self awareness as part of lucid dreaming practice in my case, and I found I did not like who I was, but then I overcame it by changing thoroughly who I was: within one year I changed so thoroughly that I am sure my two selves that were just one year apart could not stand each other. :) I became closer to the person I am now. Alas I still suffer from periodic depression: depression does not magically go away. But over the years I have learned some coping strategies, a tool kit of things that I can do when I am depressed, and which help bring me out of depression. Your toolkit may be different than mine, since this needs to be individualized and different things work for different people, but mine includes: music especially singing, exercise, mindfulness (increased self awareness), forcing myself to socialize more when I am depressed and thus want to retreat by myself, and a few other tools. All the best to you!