I'll never forget the night the 10" knife was held to my throat

I couldn't scream. I couldn't fight back or run... I couldn't even pray for escape.

All I could do was listen as the words, "are you afraid of me" went into my ear.

I took a moment to nod and hope that this woman I once knew as 'dads wife' would get away from me.

The abuse never stopped... After scars and lies about scars, and many tears later, I decided I would love instead of try to call the police.

I've probably lost my own weight in blood. Some wounds never heal, along with memories.

I wonder how different life would be now if I wasn't abused by both 'parents.'
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U are a very strong person! I couldn't have taken it from my parents if it were so!
Only thing that can counter pain is love and I'd ask u to love not just someone particular but become it :)

Good idea

This is the sadist story I've heard, God bless you for being strong. I know I would have done something regretfully stupid.

God bless you.

Some things can never be undone, my dear one. All you can do is decide what YOU will do to heal YOU. And you're not alone

Thank you.

Look into the future, make plans for yourself to numb the memories. Hugs your way.

Thank you. Hugs back.