I just got an 8.5 on my essay out of 20. SCORE!

I hate the school curriculum.
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3 Responses Aug 26, 2014

Dang teachers - that was worth a 28.0 at least... Well I think it was....

i never minded writing essays. my GR.12 english teacher was a stupid rude type i wrote the waybi thought / how i thought. She gave me the " if you keep doing that you're going to fail" Grad Exams come up did it anyway. Got highest mark i ever had in that class, boom take that beeeeeetch xD

smarter? nah lol more passionate. had this one guy was at school 50% of the time had a freaking 92% passing grading.

i think attendance should affect your grade. like you lose acertain percentage after the year is over.

And why did u post that in this group? I'm not being mean or anything, just curious! /:

Hey, don't be depressed 'bout something like this, just take it in stride and forget 'bout it! There's much in life to love! :)