I Wont Let It Beat Me

my name is lee, ive got 2 kids and live with my girl friend, so yr probably wondering what he gota be sad about, iv got depression. after a thought year, birth of my daughter who had reflux, moving house, not getting on with my girlfriend and having bad problems at work, i snap a lad had a problem with me at work for about two year he was laying into me, it all started from there, ho dear god it went from bad to worse, i was in that much of a state i started self harming, thought thing that just ant right,ran away from home, was convinced life ant worth  living, one night i was driving when i should of known better not getting any sleep the night preveous and taking a high dosage of antidepressants i fell asleep driving and nearley killed all of us thank god are lass grab old of the sterring wheel and we managed to get the car under control, from then on i knew i had to change, i wont say im happy , but in time i hope i will be, but i know this i will try my hardest to never let this happen again. if theres any one reading this who thinks life ant worth living, i promise you it is.

leegreenwood leegreenwood
Mar 5, 2009