I've always been teased about my weight..
I'm exactly 100 ...

And I hate it. I hate my body. And I tend to cover up when around my boyfriend
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To lighten the mood I wanted to say this, "OMGGGG my twin but the opposite sex!" lmao but, in all funniness aside. Don't worry about what others think. In my experience many (even chicks hehe) are just jealous because of how many people try to lose weight but people like us don't try and end up like this. Think of it as a gift, not a curse. Now due to your age i feel I'll get reported for saying this But, Don't cover your body up as like being ashamed of it, as i said its a Gift. So if i were you id go by the people that tease you and just hold a middle finger up and enjoy there looks cause they wanna be you. Anyway hope this helped you a bit and if it didn't maybe you got a smile or laugh in there. have a great night and remember, Its a gift not a curse.

Hun, I used to literally kill myself to be even remotely close to that weight, unfortunately it ended up with hospitalization and a life long food phobia, love your body I'm slowly learning to love mine. Perfect just the way you are. :)


Wow what?

dont hate it please, im 55kg and in reality im not attractive, still single for 20 years, it means my whole life.
you're more precious than me than your weight be confident because you're loved :)

What? You look perfect!!

I'm to skinny.. I don't like it. Being raised the way I did, I can't stand myself

Well if you want to get toned, you could start working out. But I think you look great. But you shouldn't care what other people think about you, they are just jealous.

I try but when I don't listen they start to physically get me to listen

Have you talked to someone about that? That is unacceptable.

I've told my grandparents what has been going on. I mean it gets worse every year! But the principle just makes things worse

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Stay strong, I know how you feel 💕

It's so hard.. When everywhere I go everyone has to make a comment about my weight

Ignore them. They're probably going through something similar and they just want to make themselves feel better by being rude to others. Don't let them bring you down :)

I'll try!! Thanks