I remember a time when I craved to meet new ppl, couldn't wait to be seen, when almost everything in life gave me a high, when I inspired others by how ambitious I was, now I feel like I'm one of those ppl you see and be like damn how he let himself go like DAT. I never knew how much pain anxiety and depression endures on ppl. I hate it so much. It takes away everything from me, my smiles, my feelings, my hobbys. I feel like a coward. I can't even look a person in the eyes anymore cause all I see is pain everyday. I believe that its gonna pass but damn it feels like forever. It hurts non stop. Just want it to go away. This cant be living
troubledflight troubledflight
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 27, 2014

It won't just pass without your doing something about it, and depression is also likely to reoccur, and thus it is important to learn the skills for how to battle it so that one can overcome it over and over again. Different tools for combating depression work for different people. I have been building what I like to call my anti depression toolkit: figuring out what works for me, what makes a positive difference, and then deploying those tools every time I am depressed. I wish you all the best in figuring out which tools help you!