I don't need someone one to make me happy. I need to stop having friends. All of them have made me sad in some way. And it isn't their fault, it's mine. I get attar he'd to people easily. So I need to stop doing that, I need to back away from people. Limit the time I talk to them. Because I can't get hurt if there's no one to hurt me.
I'm not happy either way, with or without friends, I'm just not happy. And letting people in and telling them things that make me vulnerable just kills me because they leave or slowly fade away because I'm too much.
I keep trying to tell people this when they start to talk to me, I'm broken and no one stays once I open up, everyone leaves at some point, I'm broke. Don't try to fix me, because when you leave, it breaks me more than I was before. So just stop. I can't take it anymore.:/
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You don't need fixing at all. All you need is someone to talk to and be by your side until the darkness subsides. Any time you need someone to confide in, just let me know. :)

I have been where you are at so I understand. I am starting to win the battle of depression. I am so sorry for your struggle. Suggestion: There are many people on EP who battle depression and they have written stories about it. It could help you...give you some insight. Maybe make a connection when you feel it is safe. In my journey I have felt encouraged and supported by the EP community. Just a thought. You do what is best for you.

I have friends in ep that are going through what I'm feeling but this also applies to them. Even the depressed ones stop talking to me....
Even when I keep trying to message them, they won't write back. So I have to give up...
Thank you for you're suggestion and understanding. :)


I study and babysit.....

Not attar he'd....