I Battle the Demons Too

I never knew I had depression until I was about 25, I always thought it was the blues or hormones.  I was put on zoloft and everything was fine for 8 yrs and then I was passed from med to med and nothing worked so I thought I would stop all together and crashed.  It was a hole I couldn't get out of, I was desperate so I called a shrink and he put me on a mixture of meds but until they kicked in 4-6 wks later I was going to commit suicide because I couldn't take the pain and the sorrow anymore, went to the hospital and spoke to the hospital psych.  Between my husband, kids and mother I pulled through and became a totally different person.  I can now function and live my life.  Anyone who is in doubt please seek help, don't give up get the help and support you need.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

i believe anyone who has depression can do his/her best to try and be happy,no matter what problems we have.i know we are the doctors for ourselves*step by step we can do anything.we might feel sometimes that we cant take it anymore but when u fall u have to stand up again.

Thank you for sharing. I didn't have depression till my late 20's. I glad you got the help you needed.

i am in a dark placr right now its good to hear things can change thank you