Lonely Heart

I have a very long story, but will make it short. In Sept. 06'  my husband and I were talking about reconciling. He was seeing a girl at the time who would not lose him. After 2 months of back and forth waiting for him to finally decide what he wanted. The other girl accounced that she was pregnant. Desprerately wanting him to accept the pregnancy and be happy about it. He is more confused than ever and now I am out in the cold. She makes him feel guilty by showing him sonogram pics. He says he loves her. We always tell each other that we have a special bond and no one can break it. I broke down a week ago and took 6 sleeping pills, he was there the whole time to make sure i was ok. We even recently went out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I need to let go, he confused me more than ever.....
blueheart33 blueheart33
31-35, F
Jan 23, 2007