After my last suicide attempt, I have decided to live. It's not easy. I feel like I have death inside of me 24/7. My chest feels like it's going to explode.
All I can say is, "Get help!" I tried partial hospitalization. It was nice being around others who understood my pain. I'm finally taking my meds regularly. They are taking a while to kick in. I'm also seeing a therapist weekly.
The battle is not easy, but I have to live for my kids. They deserve better than the life I had.
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Good for you! I hope you keep on that path. Your life does have meaning and sometimes we just have to go on for others so that they can go on for themselves. It sucks, but you will get rewarded in the end. Bless you.

You are strong and you are loved :) Don't be afraid to reach out, if you need someone to talk to :)

That's awesome! It takes a strong person to realize that they have a problem. Especially when its a problem thats not easy to deal with because its kind of a taboo subject. You're not giving up when the going gets tough and you found a reason/will/purpose to live. Which is for your kids! Keep it up! You're already on the right track! :) im here I you ever want to talk.

Sticking it out for your kids is the hardest thing to do, but very noble.
My kids were the only thing that kept me alive when my husband cheated on me. They are the only thing still keeping me alive.
I decided that they needed me around to learn from. My depression and other mental health issues were passed/learned from my parents...I want to make sure my kids have someone to talk to, unlike what I had.