I Have Struggled With Depression Since Adolesence

I have battled depression since adolescence.  I had a very dark period in Jr high, but came out of it for the most part in high school.  I was still moody but not really depressed.  I usually go through a few years (3-5) where I do pretty well and then a few years (1-2) where I struggle with depression.  Even in my depressed times I am high functioning.  I still work and cook and keep my house clean but I am more high functioning when I am not depressed.  I sleep alot when I am depressed and don't do as much socializing.   Also I am more likely to get behind in my tasks but I do get done the things I have to do.  For example my floors might need vacuuming but my laundry will be done so that we can all wear clean clothes. 

I have been on antidepressants over the years and they help some, but they are certainly no magic cure.  Mostly I just find if I push through and force myself to function I'll feel better.  I know that sounds stupid but I've been dealing with this since I was 13 so I know that wallowing it only makes it worse.  sometimes I am just filled with pessimism and no matter how I try I can't fix it. At those times I just isolate and hope it passes eventually.  It usually does.

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46-50, F
Mar 6, 2009