Can I just put it out there that all of the fcking 13-14 year old kids who are part of this and think "oh I'm sad cause mummy wouldn't buy me this" or "oh I'm so sad because I had a crush on a boy and he doesn't like me" need to stop being dumb and get back to being a kid. Fgs depression is a mental illness not being a little bit sad.
Oh and idgaf if this is you and you turn around and say "oh I cut myself so I do have it". No. You cut yourself cause either you or some kid you know heard about it on the Internet and you do it because you think that's what you should do. It's not. Self harm is a fcking serious thing and it pees me the hell off that so many kids do it for attention. I know I'm only 17 but I have depression, it runs in my family, and it was caused by the abuse from my mother and people I know, which is also the reason for my anxiety. Not because my mummy took my phone away because I was being a brat.
Rant over.
JPSmith24 JPSmith24
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I just wanna say, I became depressed at 12, and it was not for attention, trust me. It doesn't affect me as much as it used to but it still does. I do understand Tht some do it for attention but many don't. I'm 17 just like you. Just bc they're younger doesn't mean their lives are any easier

This post has become so heavily (& negatively) commented on, that I believe it has lost it's center.

I would like to take the opportunity to put up something positive for a change.

Most self-harm resources will have this old classic: “whenever you feel like cutting, write on your body the name of someone who wouldn’t want you to cut!” This is great for people who have trouble remembering that people love them, but this sort of advice won’t help people who have more of a problem with guilt.

To me, remembering the people who don’t want me to cut, while a valid exercise, can often make me feel guilty and like I don’t have a right to be sad or depressed when I have all these people who care about me, leading me to invalidate my own feelings and make me feel worse.

If you are like me, here are some strategies that you could use instead:

- Exercise. I hate to exercise, and if I really want to torture myself, this is how I do it.
- Create some sort of artwork, from a drawing to a poem to a song. Whatever you want. It will get your mind off of whatever else you are thinking about, particularly if you take on a challenge.
- Make yourself up/put on your favorite clothes so you are enhancing your body instead of harming it. If you feel really fabulous, go out so people can see you looking awesome.
- Listen to really loud music.
- Take a really cold shower. Won’t damage you, but will certainly feel like it.
- Play with a pet.
- Buy dishes from the dollar store specifically so you can break them.

For the record, these strategies focus on safe forms of violence and helping you to think other things, which are what I have found worked the best for me.

Maybe, for once, we could all be a little more respectful and actually try to help others :)

When I was a young man about 19-20 yrs old, I was going through a difficult time with severe and chronic anxiety. Members of my family felt similar to you and I felt so alone, I had to seek counselling. If they had felt some sympathy and understanding my life would have been entirely different from then on.

I am 15 and have had depression. And no, It's not because I got my phone taken away or I got grounded. It was a big snowball effect. I got grounded. Ok I'm a little pissed off. I get bullied in school( tripped in the hallway, mocked when I talk, people making fun of me everywhere I go). The little bit of snow that was rolling down the hill gets bigger and picks up speed. I come home and my step sister and father always call me dirty because I don't like to pick up my clothes from the floor. They taunt me and call me a dirty Mexican. My mother hears but does nothing. The snowball got bigger. Imagine all of those things every single day and you just immediately start to think,"Since everyone hates me, I must be a bad person." Then you don't want to get out of bed in morning, but you do anyway because you have to. In school you smile and laugh but you can't feel their happiness. When you go home and once you see your house, you have a heavy heart but you feel relief that you can take off that mask. When your stepfather and sister insult you all you do is look at them blankly and blink away tears. You go up in your room, cover yourself with your blankets, and stare blankly into space. You sleep and cry. You always miss meals because you're always sleeping. And even if you're awake you're not hungry. You used to play soccer, but you skip practice and your games because you don't feel up to it. And so on. Am I an immature little brat?? I respect your opinion. But please, be respectful in return.

Did you read the story?? He isn't saying young people with real problems in life saying they're depressed are brats. He's saying young people with stupid and pointless "problems" like getting your phone taken away and saying they're depressed are brats.
Read it again.

I just don't like the generalization he made about young people. And how rude he was about it.

And she, along with several other people, is saying such petty little things can be the straw that breaks the camels back. It's a complicated issue and it's rarely easy to tell at first glance. Just because entitled brats exist doesn't mean you can tell who they are.

I understand the "snowball effect" because thats what caused me to self harm when I did, and I'm not saying that all young people do it for attention. I'm saying that those who do it for attention annoy me, and more so that people who give them this negative attention and unneeded sympathy

I'm not trying to disrespect you but some people do it for attention because they need attention. They need people to notice that they're hurting or need help. But yes, some people do it for the wrong type of attention, so they can be viewed as a troubled child and we should kiss their *****.

Tell your step that you're an American not an a Mexican and besides what wrong with Mexicans anyway. He may hit you but at least you stood up for what you thought. If he hits you don't give him the satisfaction of you crying.
In school turn around and give the kid who a good kick back. Don't put up with that B.S. If he's bigger than you , put some hurt into him anyway. He'll think twice before he does it again, Don't forget, depression is anger turned inward. Externalize it. I was in High School and I know Bullies will continue till they know that you won't put up with it. If there's more than one kid involved call the kid a coward because he won't stand up to you alone without others to support him. Alternative, talk to your guidance counsellor, or teacher. Many schools now have a "No tolerance" policy for bullying and if nothing happens, keep after them anyway. Make yourself a pain in the butt. Then they'll act. Don't be a victim. It's probably your accent (my guess) you get teased about. My best advice. Best of luck.

I can see you're going through a very troubling time and my heart goes out to you. Start lifting weights. Get yourself so that you're stronger than your antagonizers. When you get teased, kick their *****. Don't ask for respect, demand it, or else. I was in high school once and that was the best way to handle it.
At home you want to be the nicest person you can be. Be totally noncontroversial. You have to go out of your way to do this. It'll force their feelings to change. Don't fight them.
This is my best advice in the face of your difficult situation.

Thank you so much. You are one of the nicest people I've met on here to so far.

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NOTE: I'm going to take this post down as there are people who no nothing on here constantly making me out to be a bad guy, insulting me and others, and generally being immature so I don't want anything to do with them..

I'll leave it up so people can see this for another 15 minutes.

I wouldn't delete it if I were you, this is your honest opinion and you obviously needed to vent. Don't let people push you around or make you feel like your words don't belong here.

I've had to report one person and there's another about to be reported, alongside numerous other offensive comments. I feel it would be best.

It's never best, you are entitled to your opinions and me along with many others agree with the general theme of your post.

So you're going to delete what's become an interesting discussion thread because your initial point was misinterpreted? Why not just edit it to make it clearer what you meant?

No because people on here have turned what was an interesting conversation/debate into an attack on me

Also it's been a bit longer than I'd planned due to lack of internet

Don't feel resentful.. I know where you're coming from. Don't let disagreement bother you. That's the nature of EP.

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Ok this completly true that people whine about stupid stuff like that but its not only 13 and 14 yr old its other people to and not all people in that age group are like that who are in this group but u r right people should really stop complaining bout stuff like having ur phone takin or one bad day then saying they have depression thats just false.

You have a point about people misusing the word "depression", but it's kinda silly that you single out 13 year olds. You point put yourself that there are people who would (unfairly) say the same thing about your own age group. Age has nothing to do with it, you can be young and depressed and you can be grown up and sulking.

It's the increase in people of that age, and all of the posts of pictures of cuts I have come across are from that age group

The red flags for me that it's attention seeking are if they're both (a) talking about it and posting pictures and (b) insisting they don't want to stop. If you're not trying to stop, why are you telling people about it? If you tell people about your excessive drinking, it's either because you're seeking help for alcoholism or because you're bragging to earn fratboy kudos.

Someone had to say it!

You just did, good job....venting is good

I agree with you. I am 16 years old and I have depression because of my abusive father. And when younger people say they suffer the same illness because of some stupid reason I just feel like punching them in the face.
If you ever need to talk, you can send me a message.

There are people that would look at your life and think it was easy or that they would love to have it. You don't have to earn the right to be depressed, it's not a choice.

It's a mental illness like I'm trying to ******* say. You don't get to say you're depressed just cause you wanna have it like so many kids do for some reason.

So, what is it that annoys you about this? It's not like they're "devaluing" depression, you can easily make the distinction just as you have here, by saying you're "clinically" depressed - people know the difference. Anyone who says they're depressed is going through *something* they want to talk to someone about, why does it matter if their problems are less serious than yours? They still need help.

Because people are romanticising depression and I don't want my younger siblings growing up in a place where it's normal for them to hurt themselves and thing about death

"I get cheated on and dumped, why am I the bad person I wish I was dead" apparently it's 18 year olds too

Depression is subjective and is different for everyone. Who are you to say that your depression is greater than someone else's? You can't. If "these kids" are cutting at that age even if only for attention, that is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. I have battled with depression since I was twelve years old. At twelve, I almost took my own life and that is very young and I can tell you that I didn't understand the severity of that decision, but I did know that it would take me away from this Earth and that is all I cared about. People commit suicide and cut starting at age 5. Now that is a scary thing isn't it? It doesn't matter if the mom only took your phone..if you get that upset over THAT then clearly there are some issues that need resolved in your life and clearly there are some mental instabilities there. I understand that you have had a hard life and I am very sorry for that but mental illness is a serious thing and it cannot be brushed off no matter how petty or stupid you think the reasons are. We must hear out everyone's illness and reasons. Not just the ones we think are bad enough to take seriously.

Depression is a mental illness not just being a bit sad. People who genuinely have depression have my total support and sympathy. Not people who post ridiculous things on here followed by pictures of their cuts just cause they want attention. Also loving how everyone is making me out to be an *** when I'm just venting my frustration at the fact that my two younger siblings are growing up in a world were people seem to think self harm and suicide is normal.

They're growing up in a world with people like you who supposedly are depressed yet have no understanding or appreciation for others who feel the same way, how do you know who cuts for attention and who cuts to deal with the pain? not everyone posting pictures is an attention *****, some of them post em as a cry out for help..

Oh yeah okay, as someone who knows a lot about the subject I can safely say, shut the hell up.

Oh ok. Since you know everything at 16 or 17 years old. You know how everybody else feels, your opinion is the only one that matters, you're the only person whose ever had depression or known people with depression and your not arrogant or attention seeking at all. Your just jealous of other younger more vulnerable people who might be getting more attention than you are for there depressive crys for help and guidance. It is you who is seeking attention for the wrong reasons and it is both pathetic and arrogant behaviour.

Right, I assume from what you're saying that I don't know a lot about the subject?

Evidently, you just want to vent and not to discuss:(

Okay I can't even be bothered to point out the many grammatical and logical errors in that paragraph, but one in particular is just hilarious

"You're the only person whose ever had depression or known people with depression" wait if I'm the only person with depression how can I know people with depression?

That's the whole point. You think your the only person who knows anything. And actually you sound more like a manic argumentative little ****, so go take your meds.

And for that reason I will not be speaking to you anymore for the simple reason that I don't need to. You counter your own arguments for me. I don't even have to outsmart or debate anymore cause its done for me!


You ******* ****. You can't even counter the argument because your too ******* useless.


If you're going to try and insult me (emphasis on try) at least use correct grammar

I'm sorry but why can't I have a mum like you?? XD

Well said:)

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Although I agree that todays generation is one of complainers, what you said isn't really fair.. I know plenty of people who are depressed for different reasons and for every one of them there are problems that are worse and problems then aren't as bad, but all of them want to die just as much, and cut just to relieve a little bit of the pain.. So get off your ******* high horse, and quit thinking you know what makes people depressed and what is and isn't a good reason.. There are no bad reasons, and there are no weak people, everyone just gets effected in different ways by different things.

Also there's the straw that broke the camels back. Some people don't want to say and fair enough!

Can you people not read? Do I need to code in an alert to the post to say "read the part about me caring about people with actual problems and mental illnesses as opposed to those who act like they do for attention"?

Who are you to decide! Are you a psychiatrist!!?? No.


Everyone crys out in a different way, if you actually cared about people who have depression other than yourself or your friends, then you'd know and fully appreciate that everyone reacts differently to depression, and not everyone who posts pictures is an attention *****.

"Upsetting to people to people who have self harm or who have lost someone important to them due to depression"
So many grammatical errors..

Funnily enough those are the people who deal with it. Not kids like you.

You mean one false start? As opposed to your many, many errors? Are you retarded? Are you so angry because you forgot to take your meds?


The point, the question you've been asked several times and keep ignoring, is how can you possibly know which people are genuinely depressed for silly reasons, and which are just "feeling a bit sad", based on a single post? True, both kinds of person exist, but how do you tell them apart without a long and intimate conversation? All you can do is help people who ask for help.

Do you know what depression is and what it's main causes are? The main characteristic is loneliness and over thinking. You don't go to other people and you don't want other people to know what you have done. Not posting pictures all over the Internet for people to sympathise with you. You just wanna be alone and are constantly scared of others finding out.

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What do you know about what's going on for anybody else?

You don't.

I know that depression seem to be the "cool" thing and everyone acts as though they have it because they want attention. Read the whole post before you try and judge me.

Who the hell thinks that is cool? Nobody in their right mind abuses themselves for fun in their right mind. Whether its a cry for help or not, people who are not depressed do not cut. They play netball ffs.

They get a hot pink lipstick a new hair dye hell if they're broke they go clothes lining. You do not know what's going on with others and it is only arrogance to think you do.

In a few more years you'll find some of these people you're attacking are dead. Your comments are immature, arrogant and offensive.

Are you broken sir? Would you like me to call an ambulance?

Didn't you read what he wrote?

Yes I ******* did. Can you read???

Everything you have said makes no sense, this is an argument you will not win not only because you are an idiot but also because you are simply wrong. Give up.

No its because you have no education, no experience and no basis in reality. While also being an offensive little git.

Hahaha no education?? I'm in university next year you absolutely insufferable woman! You have been consistent in your grammatical and logical **** ups and you have the nerve to insult me on my intelligence? Hypocrite. Also, calling me a got whilst telling me I'm being offensive is the most ridiculous and again hypocritical thing you could say. Give up.

Your comments make no sense and are very immature. And if you ******* did then you would know that he isn't referring to ALL 13-14 year olds who are depressed, just the ones that think small pointless things make depression.
I suggest you take reading and attitude classes before you come here.

Oooooh bring the pain xD

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I had chronic depression and its no joke. From age 9 to 14. Every kid isn't trying to get attention. And I think teens have it the worst. If it wasn't for my mother is be dead. And nobody knew because its behind closed doors I would cut myself and I practiced for the real day I was planning to cut my throat. I had cuts and scratches it n the most discreet places. Most kids that age 13 and 14 that claim to be depressed probably are. I kno depression to well and though I'm over it sometimes it comes back to me

Have you seen the posts on here? "I'm sad because my boyfriend dumped me. Here's a pic of my cuts" as you and I both know, self harm is kept under wraps as much as possible. Not broadcast to half the world in hopes of some unneeded sympathy.

True a lot of teens say they have depression when they're really just going through a phase...

To use the words of another user on this post who summed it up beautifully, is because depression has been romanticised.

It's an easily used word these days, and people are softer than they were a generation ago, and the generation before them were tougher still etc.
I always marvel (in disgust) at how young people cant even walk down a street or sit on a bus without staring at a little electronic brain, or being on a phone.
When ah was a lad there were no mobile phones you made plans in advance and if someone couldnt make it you realised after waiting an hour or so they werent coming it was no big deal.
I look at the kids (17yos) these days and I figure they wouldn't last 5 minutes in a real situation, what with their carefully scruffed hair, the young guys are more manicured than the girls used to be.
So obviously there is more depression because the mobile phone electronic brain devices and ear plugs can only give so much aid. In former days people didnt expect to be happy, they sucked it up and got on with it, got an ulcer kicked the cat, had a fight on a railway station etc.
But at least people were living a bit, in the 70's and early 80's there wasn't the nanny state.
In summer for example 7 year old people would go out in the morning on their bikes or space hoppers and not be seen again until they were late for tea.
Rant over, for now.

Definitions of depression'

1. sad and gloomy; dejected; downcast.

2. undergoing economic hardship, especially poverty and

3. being or measured below the standard or norm.

4. Psychiatry-- suffering from depression.(mental illness)

Provided by

It's a broad church no doubt

I'm talking about the mental illness depression. This conversation was had on the subject of anxiety with another friend of mine who read the dictionary and found anxiety and based its meaning off of that, rather than any mental illness. She then proceeded to tell me that she has anxiety cause she's a bit shy and she's scared of spiders.

Don't come to me with dictionary definitions. They just don't apply.

I'm sorry to upset anyone with depression but depression is not only a mental illness. The people in the depression group might be using the phrase in one of it's different definitions it doesn't make them not depressed, it makes them a different kind of depressed one less severe than the mental illness. Rainy days are depressing, but not in the way that I want to commit suicide over it. Your rant might not have been about the non mental illness side of depression but theirs' might have been. See what I'm saying? Now if they are saying they're going to cut themselves then that could be just for attention which would make me angry too because I spend a lot of time answering to their posts.

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You make a good point.

well said for a young person - need to get the younger ones straight with this.

I had my depression days , not for simple things of the material , but life it self on the whole - hell when I was 6 years old , i broke a teeth eating a hard stale bread - yea we were really poor at a time in my child hood - then I suffered internal injuries due to hard work and it messed me up - did I let it keep me down? nahhh - I soon sucked it up and went on in life.

This word depression is just used so loosely here on ep. I have been through great difficulties all my life and it took me years to admit to myself that I might be depressed. I agree that some kids over do it sometimes but everyone experiences their pain differently. These kids are just looking for someone who feels the same way as them which is why they come here, incidentally it is why I found myself here too.

The thing is, depression isn't being sad or upset like most kids think it is. It is a mental illness. You can't just say oh I'm depressed cause something happened and you're upset. I get that you might understand this but most of the 13/14 year olds who post experiences acting depressed for no reason? I don't think they get it.

You don't need a sob story from me but at 14 I have had depression for 2 years and even with a age gap I get it, they think it is fun and games but it drains you in every way and leaves you empty (or may I say it has to me) p.s it runs in my family too .

Sounds like yah got some anger issues to go along with that depression...


I have battled depression

You're talking like all of us (13-15 yr olds in this group) are like that, well we aren't, and who are you to say that we can't do things we want to, it's our lives not yours. And second how do you know that those people who say that don't have depression? Just because they don't have dying relatives, or cancer or something tragic, doesn't mean that they don't have it, often (i've found) they don't have anything to complain about and they're depressed, and being depressed about nothing makes them more depressed. Don't act so ignorantly.

Firstly I'm not saying its all of you, I'm talking directly to those who do. And secondly that's ridiculous. That's the definition of attention seeking. Oh I've got nothing to complain about so nobody is making a fuss over me, I'd better make myself a problem so people will pander to me.

Also, ignorance coming from the person who wants it to be normal for kids to destroy their own bodies for no reason... Hm...

Agreed. Depression can be triggered by anything or nothing. It's also as simple/complex as a chemical imbalance in the brain...


Ok, well maybe calm down, but whatever this is the internet i can't make you do anything. And what type of anxiety? (I enjoy reading about illnesses, i'm odd, i know) hmm, i don't deal with an eating disorder so i can't honestly say anything about that, other then i wish i had one (occasionally, yeah i get stupid sometimes)

some people have their different ways of getting attention, and some people can't (or it's very difficult to) make friends. I would know, i'm one of them. Me, personally i have social anxiety, so i can't really do anything there but on the internet i'm not as affected.

Well you were talking as if you were sending it to all of us, my bad. And so what?! People need attention, it's a natural thing, without attention, at least a little bit, you'll go insane, some people need and want more attention then others, and just fyi, your doing the same thing (asking for an argument). And i never said i condone it, i'm just saying that it's their body, let them do what the hell they want with it. That isn't ignorant. Btw have you been diagnosed with depression? Just curios, i figure you do though (no sarcasm)

Yes I have, depression and anxiety. And apparently an eating disorder even though I eat loads and enjoy eating...

Also, this is the wrong kind of attention. If you want attention talk to people, make friends! Don't sit at home and endanger yourself

Yes a loss of a family member can hurt you and yes if that hurt is not sewn up it can turn into depression over time but what this guy said what the ones that shout out how they feel down at that time for not getting something because the parent is not paid until the next week, don't defend those that will never say thank you without a snarl on the other side of the screen. Btw you have the ignorant mouth here with no wider logical thought to back up your defence, they really don't deserve it.

Okay so what you said makes no sense and as far as I know relates to no conversation I have had with anyone.

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How can someone who has been/going through depression be so insensitive? Depression can hit anyone, at any age, for any reason. Yes, it is a mental illness but guess what?! Teenagers, especially younger ones, are most vulnerable to it because of their already messed up brain chemicals, hormones and mood swings, so yes they need to be taken seriously. Also depression is usually internal, not external, so they aren't feeling depressed because "mom didn't buy me this", they feel depressed because they believe that their parents do not care enough about them, or "that boy doesn't like me back" is them suffering from low-self esteem. Just because you see the external factors as jokes doesn't mean they cannot affect other people too.

Attention-seeking stems from a serious disorder , and it also needs to be addressed and dealt with, not criticized and stigmatized by the public. Just some things for you to put in mind next time you judge others so harshly, and act like you are superior because you went through "real depression"

To put it simply, I'll use the words of someone who messaged me in reply to this post; "there are so many young people today who don't know the difference between having depression and being a spoilt brat"

Have you no empathy or understanding or even education? Everyone has their own battles, and you cannot say their e depression isn't real, or they're being brats until you have walked in their shoes, which you clearly haven't. Also one of the symptoms of depression is acting out. Maybe instead of criticizing things you can't understand, you should support things you do.

"Even education"

Wow, just wow

Trying to insult my intelligence because my opinion is that 13/14 year old kids should be happy and careless but because so many people make out that self harm and depression is normal they spend their time destroying their body and feeling like ****?

I am not insulting your intelligence, just your education on the subject you are addressing. Having researched how the teenage mind works, I know how vulnerable they are to depression. If your intention is to help them become more happy and careless, you should evaluate your post as it'll probably make them feel even worse than they already do. Depression isn't normal but it's common during teenage years. Self-harm is the most common way to cope right now because of people like you, who make them hate themselves even more because they are "spoilt brats", who should be happy because their mother didn't abuse them and who make them feel the need to prove their depression with scars. And I know that sounds stupid and attention-seeking to you but as teenager, we don't think things out properly, we are impulsive by nature, they want that rush of dopamine quickly and most of all, they want to belong and have the support they need from older people like you. People who should understand what it feels like to be depressed and alone.

-is learning about sociology and how people interact, and has always had an aptitude for reading and helping people to the point that a counsellor has suggested that I take it up as a future career-

I think he may have made a mistake.

I just had an epiphany, if you will, and I don't want my siblings growing up like so many people are now. And if that takes me offending some people with my opinion on what is and isn't appropriate, and what deserves sympathy and support as opposed to a large prescription of reality on what they are doing, for the reasons they are doing it and how ridiculous it is.

You comments are scattered, so I am addressing in no specific order.

I suggest you do some research about depression in young people- especially if you are considering becoming a counselor, you need to learn to look at things both subjectively as you are now (with anger and distrust) and objectively (with logic and evidence).. maybe then you'll have another realization and look at it from a different perspective.

If you don't want your siblings to grow up into depression, then trust me when I say: criticism is not the way to go. It will only cause them to feel like they cannot rely on you for support when they start dealing with the negative feelings that comes with teenage-hood. I suggest you make them feel like you understand them (even if you don't) and try to point them towards healthy alternatives to deal with life, so they don't get sucked into the same hole we have. Good that you had an epiphany, I won't deny the fact this generation is not messed up and that depression is romanticized ,but deal with it in the best way possible, think about what is best for society and your siblings and understand that either way, they will feel depressed, don't give them an excuse to fall, give them an opportunity to learn and grow.

I hope you treat other young people going through depression as kindly as you'd treat your siblings.

Firstly, thank you for summing up my frustration beautifully with the "depression is romanticised" thing. Second, this wouldn't be how I talk to my brother and sister about it, this is me essentially letting out my frustration on the subject. Oh and I'm not going to be a counsellor, but I do know a fair bit about depression and I don't sympathise and offer my support to people with it, but I do not however do this for people who post things like "ugh my mum took my phone away, what a *****. Here's a pic of my cuts"

I think if you wouldn't talk to your brother and sister like this regarding this subject, you shouldn't talk to other kids like this either... they also have older siblings who might feel the way you do. A rant like this is best discussed with someone on the same mental capacity and not viewed by already depressed teenagers on a support group.

Alright then, it's not your job to support or sympathize but you sound like an intelligent enough person not to negatively impact people.

As for the last example you gave, I am going to tell you the same thing, they are mentally unstable and will be looking for a outlet for feelings they do not understand yet. I am sure with the right type of education, in the future, we could avoid this and help teenagers become better at handling their internal feelings so they won't be triggered by things like their parents grounding them...

I hope you remove or edit this story so it helps people you are addressing or at least doesn't make them feel bad/worse than they already do.

Well this wasn't actually meant for them is was meant for people of the same opinion that I have and I like the comment about education, I think pshe lessons should cover this really considering the h stands for health

I understand, it's not your intention to worsen their situation. However, if you take a look at this group, it is mostly teenager, most people who will see your post will be teenagers and will not share your opinion. It's evident from the comment section. I really do suggest you move this post to another group, such as "I hate spoiled Brats", you will probably hurt less people and have no idle defensive conversations.
I am not familiar with the pshe class but yes, a health class should cover this stuff or just a class dedicated to mental well being and coping, it would result in alot more active and healthy adults for society.

Why should they be? Because you say they should be ? Because you say because of their age they should be ? Or maybe because in an ideal world they all should be ??

Excuse me for not wanting my siblings to grow up in a world like that, I'll just go back to sitting in a metaphorical puddle of my own ignorance.

It's understanding and being mature enough to know the difference between hormones and ups and down and depression that can remain hidden for years before it is even noticed by another person . .

thank you for this. I'm 14 and I was diagnosed with major depression a year ago, it's a constant battle and it is awful when someone minimizes my problems and makes me feel like more of a burden than I already do. Also thank you SO much for the comment about attention seeking.. my brother tells elaborate stories and fibs and seeks attention in a lot of ways, which is stemmed from a really horrible self esteem and an almost non-existent sense of self worth, no one seems to understand!

No, you misunderstand. I said people who act as though they have depression for attention, not people with depression. I have said multiple times on this post that my sympathy and support is out there for anyone who is genuinely depressed, but those who say they have depression and cut just because they think it will make people pander to them and feel sorry for them get nothing from me.

Hell yea!!!!!!!

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That is bullshit. People who do not have mental health problems almost never hurt themselves on purpose. It takes something very formidable (like a mental illness maybe?) to override the body’s natural instinct for self preservation. Basically, if someone desires to hurt themselves on purpose, there is a mental health problem there.

Attention is a basic human need, and we should not be shaming people for desiring it, whether that is their reason for self-harming or not.

People who are “in the closet” often take these sorts of insults as evidence that their health problems will not be taken seriously, or worse, that they be insulted more for having the courage to tell someone about their self harm. Telling someone that you are struggling (which may include showing them the evidence of your injuries) is an important first step towards getting help. People who are trying to work up the courage to do this are already in a fragile state and don’t need any help feeling miserable.

Acting derisively towards ANYBODY'S self-harm is a really ****** thing to do.

And I have to disagree. I did self harm for a while, and I know those that did. If someone is doing it because they have actual reasons besides wanting attention or have a mental illness or whatever, then I totally understand. And as most of my friends know I'm more than willing to try and help and support them in any way I can. But I can't stand it when people just do it for attention. And I know you disagree and that's your call, but I know for a fact that people do it for ridiculous reasons or sometimes for no reason at all, and to them I have no sympathy simply because I don't feel they deserve it.

Just let people do what they what, for the reasons they want. It doesn't concern you.

Or for no reason that they want to tell you!

You know, you make me out to be a bad guy aiming to offend people but you are actually attacking me on multiple threads right now. After about 3 other counts of hypocrisy you're starting to look rather idiotic?

He does make legitimate points.

How can you tell the ones who need help and those that you say "don't deserve it"?

When you've been around people who have depression and also people who have been attention seeking, you start to learn quite quickly how obvious it is

Now we're coming to the heart of my frustration man, it does concern me. It scares me that so many kids do this now. And I have a little brother and sister who will soon be approaching this age, and the thought of them doing this because other people their age will be doing it terrifies, disgusts and generally upsets me.

Is it your body? Is it harming you? People are allowed to make choices. I know you said you cut before, but clearly you still don't understand. You said you did it out of desperation. The attention seekers do it out of desperation as well. They're just desperate for attention. It's not a huge difference.

Why would they? Is that perhaps because your ranting on like this and actually putting the suggestion of cutting for attention to them?

As I have said twice before, if you continue to attack on other threads then I will report you.

No, it's what my brother and sisters body may well turn into if the world keeps spurting out propaganda that cutting is normal. And then it will be harming me because there is nothing in this world I care about more than them.

If it makes them happy, will it still be bad?

Yes. I want them to learn to deal with their problems not to live a life of misery where destroying themselves is their only release. Am I such a bad person for that?

What if they're completely happy, but they turn to cutting anyways? What if no matter what you tell them they continue? What if your extreme hatred for cutting drives them over the edge? What if cutting could have saved them?
Then, would it still be bad?

Oh, you want. You want them to behave how you want or they're making it up?

Please tell me you don't have children.

If you do I feel deeply sorry for them.

They won't turn to cutting, because i will not only make sure that they are totally happy, but also that they understand that cutting is not an appropriate way of dealing with things unless you have magical regeneration and invincibility powers

That won't stop them from cutting or killing themselves.

I'm not being funny but can you talk to about my brother and sister killing themselves.


Firstly it's a little insensitive and second few people cut for no reason, they just do it for silly reasons which can easily be solved or overcome in better ways.

You really need to stop generalizing. How do you know it can be solved in the first place?
Also, if you don't think about a flawless plan to stop it from happening it still might happen. It's just a warning. You don't want it to happen, do something.

I'm going to, have you not been reading the ******* replies??? Also I'm not generalising. I'm not saying all people cut for silly reasons, I'm saying that those who do need to think about how simple their problem is to solve.

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I absolutely love this rant

I don't believe self harm is a serious thing at all. Yes, I'm fourteen. Yes, I'm a girl. Yes, I cut. But I'm also legitimately depressed. Unlike you, I have no reason. My parents provide for me, I have friends and I'm grateful for them. I should be a perfectly happy teenage girl, but no. I'm in the same boat as you are. I won't go into too much detail, but I'm on medication and I go to therapy. Yet I don't want to get better. I love this version of myself and I would never change if I could.

You don't believe self harm is a serious thing?? I'm sorry but how is purposely damaging your own body not a serious thing? You know how dangerous it is? You know how easy it is to get an infection or cut too deep and bleed heavily?

I know the risks, but do you drive/ride in a car? That has many risks, such as death or injury, but you still do it because it helps. I cut because it helps.

How the hell does it help? I used to cut. You know why I don't now? Because I realised it solves nothing. If I have a problem I either think of a way to deal with it or I distract myself from it until I can do something about it. Or at the very least I try to remain positive.

I use cutting as a distraction. For me it's simply a past time, a hobby if you will. Writing, art, and cutting are my hobbies.

I write and draw plenty. Perfect output for emotion. Not destroying the only body you'll ever have.

Sorry, dude. I believe in reincarnation. XD

Well that's your lookout but even so if reincarnation is existent, this is more than likely the only body I will have my siblings, as my siblings. And I aim to protect them.

Maybe they don't want your protection.

Maybe you don't understand that killing yourself and harming yourself for no reason isn't normal and I aim to teach my brother and sister this so they don't start.

Normal is subjective.

Oh ok so it's perfectly acceptable for a large number of young people to kill themselves for no reason? Oh ofc why didn't I think of that...

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