I Wish

do any of you wish, who battle depression, that someone would come up with some sort of pill that DIDN'T alter your brain chemistry and could keep you upbeat??  All I know is I'm tired of feeling this way

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I stopped taking meds 5 years ago and I'm doing quite well<br />
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its a continual battle with depression but I am very aware and exercise REGULARLY. its just like a part time job to keep your moods up<br />
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I don't usually recommend here that people go off meds if they need it because sometimes you do until you deal with your issues and know yourself very well. <br />
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I'm 43 years old and its taken me that long!!!

it would be good if there did, i stoped taking my meds a while ago and do self help task instead im not for one minite sugesting u stop taking yours, im doing many things it helps alot and takes alot of effert i ant got rid of it yet but im hopful and feel a 10 times better for doing it, theres a book called mind over mood it covers a lot of aspects, i remember thinking what your saying, but i realise now there ant no magic pile ,for me the work and the change starts with me, i wish you good look and hope u feel better soon