For me , it's like the ocean . I'm at the beach standing where the water washes up to the shore . My toes kissing the sand as the water rushes over them . The waves are big . I under estimate their power . I dive in and crash . A wave hits me and takes me under . I hold my breath as it sends me swirling under water . Boom . My body hits the ocean floor . I try to come up for air . And when I do , I get one breath and then crash . Another wave pulls me under and tosses me around . And this happens over and over again . I want someone to help me , but no one comes to my rescue . No one cares that I'm struggling . Struggling for air . Wanting a break from this cycle that happens over and over again .
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I use music to keep myself afloat... I can play for well over 3 hours some days, but then school starts. I dont think I have ever heard anyone describe it so well.

I'm so glad that you kind find happiness in your music . That makes me smile . I have a friend who find his happiness in music too . Keep playing , never stop . You will only get better and you never know where your music will take you in life

I guess it's too bad that we can't have lifeguards for our depression.

Or at least a damn floatation device. :(

I know ):

I can help you? At least I can try
I'm going through the same crap

Awe , thank you very much . I'm here if you need help as well

Very well put!

Thank you so much

Very great way of saying that

thank you

How I describe mine (short version): think of a 3D timeline, hollowed out in the inside (a tunnel), you take every day step by step walking down that tunnel with only a candle. And on your way through that tunnel, there is an earthquake that blows your candle out. So now you're walking down a tunnel and you can no longer predict the steps ahead.

that's an amazing way to put it and help others who don't struggle with depression to get an idea if what it's like .

I try to help everyone, but talk to no one

I can understand that feeling

I don't really like people, but I am willing to help any person who asks. Just about no matter what

for me , I love to see people happy . I'm willing to sacrifice my little but of happiness to make someone else happy

I would even if I don't have any.

i really like you each other support...Stay Strong.

thank you so muc

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