I hate my life without her
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I'm going through the same situation. And it hurts. And believe me it's a longggggg journey until it heals. But as long as you're thinking positive . And doing positive things. You'll start to realize you're slowly healing.
Don't waste your life on someone who never fought for you. Who never loved you.
She did you a favor. You might not see it now. But we have to go through these battles to get to where we are. You will see that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. And you will realize something better will come. And you will be happier.
Right now you just have to deal with time... The time to heal.
You will heal!

Thanks great advice u just feel like your going through it alone but hay its good to talk about it thanks

Is her name Megan..

My ex partner who left me for another man and now it is destroying me inside and out

If she left you for another man, was she really the woman you thought she was?

No she was not only after 2 months with this other man she got in contact with me saying she stll loved me and that she was not happy but she is still with him

Then for what it's worth, she isn't worth your time at all.

I know but i dont feel like that and have suicidal thoughts everyday now because i feel such a fool

Love makes a fool of us all. I've fallen on my face more times then I care to admit, but if I didn't keep pulling myself up, I never would have found my wife.

Yeah your right onwards and upwards from now on

and when you least suspect it, she'll walk into your life. The one who loves you for you, and isn't just looking for a seat filler until the bigger better deal struts by.

Hay thanks tomoz will be a new day for me

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U can talk to me if u want

Her who?

I know how that feels (somewhat)