I Need a Dad

I've never really done anything like this before . . So i apologise if the words seem a bit rushed. But here goes

My names Henry, i live in Guernsey. I havn't seen my dad in 4 years. He drank alot, and it broke me everyday. My parents have been split up since before i can remember. So i've never really had "the perfect home". I chose to come and live with my mum when i was 14. I've always been quite smart and managed to get  enrolled in a private school. I couldn't relate to any of the kids there, they all had the perfect familly and i hated them for it. I hang around with a big group of friends, who i share everything with. Most people from Guernsey consider me as being one of the popular kids, some people are even jealous of me, i would trade positions with any of those people at the first chance granted, i don't expect people to understand how badly i don't want to be me, but if they figured everything out by themselves then they would understand too. Even with a big group of friends, and a mum who loves me more than life itself i still feel like i'm missing something that i can never have. If you saw me in the street you probably wouldn't believe a word of this story, i put on an act that makes everthing seem ok, and nobodys ever seen through that act. Its my own fault because i know that if i told my friends they would want to help. But the only people who can help are the people that are in the same postion as me with the same story, and I havn't found someone with that yet. I'm strong in character, and i can't even remember myself ever crying. But reading my own story is the only possible thing that bring me close to tears. I've had the chance to have girlfriends, and I could use someone in times like this, but i feel like my story is my burden, and i'm the only person who should have to suffer with it

HenryForsey HenryForsey
Mar 7, 2009