Im so ******* sick of hearing my mother say if i got some fresh air i would feel better
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yeah that's annoying...only mine says "shake the stink off" I reply "I do take showers you know" and I make her explain and I look at her like shes an idiot. Ok that's mean. . .but it hurts my...Pride! HA! ok seriously...I don't see how reminiscing with idiots. Or the revelation that I'm an idiot compared to others outside will help. I guess if I juss get on with the mundane human existence society says I must perform...then I'll have to

Sounds like you might have a "know it all" mom. I don't think it would cure your depression, but it does help a bit to get fresh air everyday. I regret not getting fresh air today.

Depression is tough my ex had it and she was never happy it was miserable

Your mom right Lol
Well partially
Maybe she meant if you went outside or join some clubs you would feel a little better

People think they help but often they end up not. It's about you. You know deep down they mean well. Especially those who love you. When I went through bad times even telling my story felt like a waste. Nobody got "it". That hurt even more. What worse was having shared how I felt and feeling it was a waste. I was just gentle with my soul. Or tried to be.

I agree with waiting. People do not understand depression. They are cruel in the name of helping. While I understand they think what they are doing and saying is right someone battling depression just does not have the coping skills to always deal also with misguided advice.

Well that is the problem with depression is you are not able to see that things will change. If you could you would not be depressed. (provided it is emotional) If your depression is organic you still can't see things can change but you realize they do when the body gets back to normal.

Frankly they should just be satisfied im still alive and making progess forward. I survived a heroin overdose and im 2 yeArs clean from that but have a traumatic brain injury from it. This may be as good as it gets

Great Job! Good for you that is not easy to overcome

Oh my god tell me about it everyone says that! its so annoying plus untrue

i know and she said i need to eat better too but she doesnt understand at all

I know right when people are depressed they don't want to eat healthy and run about or be in the fresh air all day people who don't have it just don't understand sometimes i wish people who tell me i need to be out of my room could suffer depression so i could say to them come on lets go outside then lets see if they still think going out works

It was all i could do not to jab her with my fork

That just ****** me off becuz all depression meds make you not hungry. So im supposed to eat because u said?

I have health anxiety along with my depression... Well that and chronic body wide muscle pain. I have other symptoms too, but I still eat a balanced diet because I lose it if I do something unhealthy. Processed food is a huge NO! for me. It makes everything when not only are you painfully sad, but your body reinforces that feeling of uselessness and then health anxiety worries about everything all the time. Ahh!! This is horrifying!

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my mom told me i need to exercise in order to feel better..

Exercise helped me somewhat. It depends what stage you are at. But sometimes you just don't have the energy.

thats true exercise def does make me feel good but i feel like i need way more than just that

I'm just trying to look after myself more. Like do things that make you feel good. Things that enhance your feeling good. I think that helped me..

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It might not cure depression but you will definitely get some blood circulation and a bit more oxygen for sure and that might make you feel better at least the fact that you went out rather than being a bum at home will will make you feel accomplished ! Give it a shot ;)

Its not that simple. I have ptsd with anxiety disorder. I spent time as a pow she cNt understand how it is

Ohhhh i see

M sorry hon

Im trying to get better but she wAnts to go too fast

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She thinks going outside will cure depression

If that was true outside would be as addicting as heroin and crack combined!

Especially if you live in Bombay!! Is there where you live? Lol...J/K.