I woke up in a very sad mood today. I miss by boyfriend (ex) so much today. Why did it happen like this? Why can't I let him go, knowing that he doesn't love me? I want to move forward. I want to not feel this pain anymore. I need strength to move on, but it's all so painful. I just want to call him; but I know that I can't...
Most people don't understand how something like a breakup can make my depression so much worse. They think I'm over-reacting. But I can't shake the feeling. My therapist wants me to get stronger meds since I've been having suicidal thoughts. I don't know what to do. I just want to be happy. I want to forget this horrible feeling in my gut and numb my heartache. I need help...
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3 Responses Aug 30, 2014

I'm sorry. Life is hard, and there are things that make it harder. Just know that there are so many people who are willing to help you. I wish you the best.

Read my story, hopefully it will sound exactly like yours, I know how you feel:/ xo

Im sorry u have to feel so bad. I know how it feels.